We spend one third of our day in bed, on average. Our bed is like our nest, where we can forget the cares of the day and drift into a deep, peaceful sleep.

But what if our sleep is constantly disturbed by sneezing, itchy eyes or even sinus pain? These allergy symptoms could be a dust mite infection.

You’ve heard of dust mites. You’ve seen enlarged pictures of them and they look VERY nasty. They don’t bite, but their bodies, secretions and faeces contain particular proteins that can trigger allergic symptoms in susceptible people.

Dust mites are also one of the main causes of asthma. And they are really sneaky. They like to hide in warm, humid and dark environments. And guess where one of their favourite hiding places is? That’s right! In mattress and bed linen!

Do not ignore this problem

It is ESSENTIAL that you get in touch with Fastline Property Services to schedule a standard mattress cleaning service. If your mattress hasn’t been professionally cleaned for a long time, you could be sharing your bed with MILLIONS of dust mites.

What our mattress cleaning process gives you

After a hygienic mattress clean by one of our experts, you will have:

  • A hygienic, stain free, clean and sweet-smelling mattress, where you can safely curl up any time of the day or night
  • A healthy mattress that you know is free from nasties
  • A mattress that feel beautifully smooth to your touch
  • And most importantly peace of mind and restful sleep.

Fastline Property Services provides the highest quality mattress cleaning service for our customers and dust mites will have nowhere to hide!

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction! That’s why our customers keep coming back to us and why they recommend us to their friends!

Call us NOW to book your appointment and start to enjoy deep and peaceful sleep again!

Investment property owners

If you’re like many of our investment property owner customers who rent out furnished apartments, you can provide a safe, sterilised mattress every time you have a new tenant. And our fee could be a tax deduction for you!

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