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    Most properties in Melbourne use ducted heating. It’s convenient and can heat a whole house quickly and efficiently.

    But what happens behind the scenes? What happens below those duct vents? Is it a matter out of sight; out of mind?

    Below the duct surface is a whole world of potential duct pollution. Pollution that can affect yours and your family’s health. Pollution that can actually cause your heating bill to go up through the roof!

    When the duct air vents are not properly maintained and kept clean, dust elements, dust mite detritus, fungus and other nasties are released through the vents into the very air you breathe!

    And when dryer vents aren’t cleaned and maintained, lint and creosote can build up and become a fire hazard, as well as causing irritation to your mouth, nose and throat.

    Signs That A Duct Clean Is Due
    • Your heating bills have sky-rocketed
    • It’s taking longer to heat your house
    • Your furniture needs dusting more often
    • You sneeze when your ducted heating is on.
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