Car Interior Cleaning Melbourne

Is your car interior suffering from too many trips with the kids? Are the seats marked or stained from spilt drinks, food or pets? Are the carpets covered in fluff, dirt, sand, lolly papers, crumbs and more?

Dirt, grime and dust in the seats and carpets of your car make an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s vital that you have the interior of your car professionally steam cleaned!

But who can you trust to do this? None other than the experts in cleaning car interiors – Fastline Property Services!

We steam clean your car seats and carpets to make them look like new. If your car has leather seats, we use modern and non-toxic leather cleaning products to gently lift out stains and dirt. We then apply a special leather conditioner to protect the surface.

Cleaning business cars

If you use a car or limousine for business, you’ll know the importance of having an immaculate interior. You only have one chance to make a first impression so make it a great first impression!

Nothing turns clients off more than a stale smell or any sign of dirt or grime in a car. Don’t let it come to that! You could be throwing away any chance of repeat or referral business!

We can clean your whole fleet of cars, taxis or limousines. It’s a savvy business decision – with just one call, we can do them all! And it could be tax deductible for your business.

Call the experts at Fastline Property Services NOW.

With Fastline Property Services, dirt has nowhere to hide!
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction! That’s why our customers keep coming back to us and recommend us to their colleagues and friends!

Waste Removal Services Melbourne

Rubbish seems to have a way of growing exponentially. Once you have a little, before long it will expand into a never-ending pile of unwanted items, such as:

• Household waste
• Paper and cardboard
• Old electrical goods
• Furniture
• Mattresses
• Glass
• Metal
• Aluminium
• Steel
• Electronic waste
• Light globes and fluorescent tubes
• Timber
• Plastics
• Construction waste.

Note: We do not remove any hazardous materials.

You don’t want to feature on a TV hoarder show, but you’re drowning under a sea of unwanted rubbish and you WANT IT GONE! HELP!!

Don’t worry. Help is at hand! Call Fastline Property Services, the experts in waste removal.

We’ll pick up your unwanted items and whisk them away. We’ll even sweep up after we’ve loaded our truck so your rubbish will just be a bad memory.

We do our best to recycle or donate your rubbish. The last resort is the tip.

So for fast, friendly and expert waste removal, call Fastline Property Services NOW – and enjoy your uncluttered life!

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